Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Update

Well, we are definitely into summer around here. Yesterday it was in the 90's. It was a good day to head to a movie in the afternoon. Russ was home so we headed over to Ames to see Grown Ups with Adam Sandler, Keven James, David Spade and lots of others. It was good but we have seen funnier. But it was a 'cool' way to spend a hotter than heck summer afternoon. Russ headed back to work shortly after we got home.

I got most of the mowing done around here on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Hot Hot Hot! Will try to work on more of it this next week when things dry out around here.

Family dad has Alzheimers and we went through a really rotten spell awhile back. He had to be hospitalized to get his meds (and his attitude) under control. Very stressful time for Mom and I but we made it through and Dad is doing MUCH better now. My brother was recently back up here to take my folks Toyota pickup back to Louisiana. We always enjoy it when he's up here. Now we need to figure out a good time for us to go down to visit him for a week. Maybe this fall.

I'm looking forward to a week trip to Washington DC with one of my friends, Connie. She found this trip online and tossed it out to Deb and I. It sounded like an awesome deal. One price pays for airfare, hotel, some meals and lots of tourist stops. This trip in in September which I'm told is going to be a great time to be in DC. I've been checking out books to try to spiff up on my knowledge of the capital!

Russ has been doing great on his job with Copeland Trucking. Knock on wood, I think he'll stay there for quite awhile this time. We will actually have insurance come August 1! We have been pretty lucky with our health issues while without insurance.

One of my cousins was back in the are in June and we had the opportunity to spend some time together going to a wedding in Omaha. We headed over on a Saturday, went to the wedding and spent the night..then home on Sunday. Then she coordinated a family picnic in Norwalk for Father's Day. She lives in Washington state so don't get to see her that often, but when we get together we reminisce about so many good old day memories. We are very close in age and she lived in Des Moines growing up so we spent lots of time together. It's always nice to spend time with her when she's back in Iowa visiting her family.

Well, guess I better shift gears and get started on house work. Hope everyone has a great and safe summer.