Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bird Sanctuary

I can't believe the different kinds of birds that have been showing up this spring at our feeders and suet feeder! Here are what I can remember:
red headed woodpecker
  • red bellied woodpecker
  • baltimore orioles (these just showed up this weekend)
  • gold finches - male and female
  • ladder back woodpeckers
  • thrasher
  • rose-breasted grosbeak
  • indigo buntings
  • bluebirds
  • male and female cardinal
  • nuthatches
  • downy woodpeckers
  • juncos

It's been so fun the past few weeks to watch the comings and goings of all the different birds. I really don't do anything super special. We have two hanging bird feeders and one suet feeder. I try to keep the bird bath full of water for them. But other than that...nothing fancy...just a good buffet I guess.

I will try to get some snapshots through the window if I can. It's been interesting to see which ones will be on the feeders at the same time. Some share much better than others.