Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall full of fun

In September a girlfriend and I sent to Washington DC for a 6 day tour. We flew in from Des Moines. There were 41 total on this trip. About half flew in from all over the country and the other half caught a bus up in Wisconsin. We figured it would save us 4 days of vacation to fly and it wasn't that much more so that decision was pretty simple.

What a great trip! Here's a list of what I remember that we saw:
  • every memorial (Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, WWII, Vietnam, Iwo Jima, Jefferson)
  • Mount Vernon
  • Arlington Cemetery
  • Changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier
  • Arlington House
  • National Cathedral
  • drove by lots of embassy's
  • Smithsonian (Holocaust Museum, National History Museum)
  • Connie and I rode the Metro the first day when we got in before everyone else
  • Took a nighttime tour so we could see all the memorials all lit up--what a sight
We really had a great time. LOTS of walking, but we made it. We walked a lot the very first day when we got in several hours before anyone else. That really pooped us out. We both had leg/feet cramps but that must have toughened us up because after that there were no cramps. I got a couple of blisters, but nothing that really kept me from going. I did sit a few times while Connie did a little more 'going'. By late in the afternoon of walking so much, my 'dogs' were just plain worn out. Believe me we both slept very well during that trip.

I'll try to post a few pictures at some point in time.

I will be taking my folks down to Louisiana this month. We are all looking forward to that trip. Louisiana is having really warm weather hope my brother's AC holds up. They had really HOT temps most of their summer. I think it's still in the 90's down there. But I'd rather have it in the 90's than 70's. We are close to our fall/winter season here in Iowa, so I'll try to soak up as much of the Louisiana sunshine as I possibly can. Then when our first snow flies..I'll try to remember the warmth of the Louisiana sunshine. HA

Well, it had been awhile since I posted, so thought I'd take a quick minute to get something out there. I scrapbooked with some friends this past Friday night. I really haven't wanted to do much scrapbooking lately, but that got me going and I finished up my Nauvoo trip that I took with Deb and Connie a year ago in September. It felt good to have that done. Now I need to go through the DC pictures and get those printed so I can start working on that album.