Sunday, November 16, 2008

New opportunity!

Well, Russ is going to be starting a new job on December 1. The company where he is currently at, Sharkey Transportation, just didn't turn out to be what they had promised. Their equipment is certainly below par according to Russ. They also were not getting home weekends as promised either. He was only getting home for his 34 hours off. So he would get home usually on Saturday morning and go out around noon on Sundays. Just not enough home time to get anything done.

He will now be working for Decker Transportation out of Fort Dodge. They are supposed to be a family based trucking company and he is supposed to truly get weekends off. I'll post more later after he's been there for a bit.

So this coming week will be his last week at Sharkey. I'll have to head to Quincy IL to pick him that will be either Friday or Saturday. Then he'll take the week of Thanksgiving off. That will be great. That way I know he'll be home for Thanksgiving. That's not something that I have been able to say very many times over the years. He sometimes makes it home and sometimes he has not. So we will enjoy this year and then see how the company handles other holidays going forward.

So here's hoping that Decker is the cats meow and Russ can call this company home until he retires in 12-13 years. Wish us luck


Kristina said...

Judy - That's great the you get to spend Thanksgiving together this year! and I'm sending good vibes to you and Russ that the new job will be exactly what you both have been looking for Russ to settle down with. Have a good week and drive careful Friday....

Joellyn said...

I am really happy for you and Russ. And, I'm so glad you will get to have more time together. This certainly has been a trying year for you both with some sub par employers.

Cheri said...

I will keep my fingers and Russ deserve the stability a good company can provide! Not to mention a bit more time together for yourselves, not just time to scurry around and get things done:)