Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside!

I am so ready for this winter to be over with and it just officially started this past weekend! Hard to believe that yesterday it did not even get above that's cold.

Our office will be closed for the holiday starting Dec 24 through Jan 4. I'm ready for a break. It will be nice to not have to get up early and go out in the morning cold.

I would like to get down to see my God Daughter in Smithville MO to see her and her family during the break. Will just have to wait and see weather wise when that happens. She is having baby number 2 on Jan 5. She is having a c-section so knows the due date. I would like to see her one more time before delivery...then I'll give her a few weeks after baby is born to go down and see how things are going.

Well, hope everyone has a great holiday and a safe and happy new year.

We are going to Vegas in February/March with a couple from Perry to see the NASCAR race. I can't wait for that. Give me something to look forward to. It should be warmer there than Iowa, right???


Cheri said...

Well at least it was 33 today:) A veritable HEAT wave!

Happy vacation as well as Christmas and New Years! That's great you get so much time off, so enjoy. Hope the weather cooperates so you can visit your god-daughter as well.

Joellyn said...

I'm glad you get a few days off and hope the weather cooperates with your trip to MO. Have a wonderful holiday. Wish I had a winter trip to look forward to!