Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's a Girl!!

Well, my God Daughter had her baby girl yesterday morning. So I'm once again an honorary Grandma. Her name is Addison. I think her middle name is Marie, but not 100% certain of that. As soon as I have pictures of her, I'll post one. Christy has sent me pics via the cell phone, but I don't know how to get them from cell phone to computer. So you'll just have to wait. She weighed in at 7 pounds 13 ounces and has a full head of auburn hair. I can hardly wait to get down to MO to see her and give her big kisses and hugs.

Well, just wanted to post a quick update about Addison. More later...

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Kristina said...

Congratulations! Connor has a buddy named Addison, so I'm familar with the name.