Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update for spring

I can't believe that it is almost May 1. Where did the time go? At the office, we became a new company on January 1, 2010, so that was, and continues to be, a busy time. Russ was unemployed for 8 months to the day before he found a new job. He is on week 3, so let's hope that he likes this one and sticks with it. Too hard to manage money without his income..but we are going to buckle down and get things paid off and start to save again....I SWEAR!!

It seems like I've been busy with lots of things lately. I sit on 3 different advisory boards and that keeps me pretty busy as well with meetings once a month and other activities as time allows. One board that I sit on is the Eastern Story County Youth and Shelter Services (ESC YSS) board. We are in an Endowment Campaign. Our goal is a modest $100,000 and we are halfway there. Now we just need to keep hitting it hard to get the balance raised and continue to try to do fundraisers each year to add to that fund. With just the interest on $100,000 we can do so many great things for the youth of Story County. With all the recent budget seems that the kinds of programs we support...they are the ones getting the cuts. So it's VITAL that we continue to find ways to raise funds to support all of our great programs. Can you tell I have a real passion for this project?

If any of you have any great ideas for fundraisers Please Please Please let me know. I'm even considering writing to some celebrities to see if we can get some donations from them. Every little bit helps...we just need to come up with a unique fundraising idea that will generate some good money annually.

Well, my folks have settled into their new digs in Perry. Mom is absolutely loving the new smaller place. They are getting ready to have an auction with leftovers from the big house. The auctioneer has not gotten back to her yet, so we're not sure when that will be. Then the next task is to sell the big house. Then my Mom can really sigh with relief. But I'm please the most with how my dad has transitioned. With him having Alzheimers you just never know what the reaction may be...but he had reached the point where he knew that they needed to get into a smaller place to Mom could handle things easier since he's not able to do much to help any more. It it so hard to watch your parent's age. But I guess watching them age beats the alternative of not having them here at all.

My brother should be coming up around time for the auction. It will be good to spend some time with him. Since he's moved to Louisiana we only get to see him 2-3 times a year. Dad doesn't want to make the trip down there any unless Dan comes up here...we don't see him. I'm hoping that maybe later this summer or early fall dad will maybe decide he'd like to make the trip and we can spend a week with Dan.

Well, just wanted to do a quick catch up while I had a few free minutes. I'm trying to take shorter lunches when I can so I can leave at 4pm. Going over to Boone after work today to watch a little friend of mine, Devon, play baseball. I've been told that he has really improved since the last time I saw him practice. So I'm anxious to see him play. And it's a really great day (other than the wind) to be outside.


Cheri said...

It was SO good to see you again this weekend Judy!

Good luck with your fundraising for YSS...and if you come upon any magic money-raising formula that you can share, our preschool could sure use that knowledge too:)

Kristina said...

Glad to hear that your folks are adjusting to the new place. It was good to see you last weekend!

Erin.Joy said...

thanks for keeping up with my blog. I like to share. I miss Iowa like I just left yesterday. Pathetic really. But true. Thanks again!