Monday, July 30, 2012

Been way too long since I've posted

It just seems that one thing after another keep me from logging in and updating my blog.  I can't believe that it has been almost a year!  Here's the update:
Took my folks to Louisiana last fall
Took my folks to Louisiana this spring for the Albritton Reunion
Taking my folks to Louisiana this fall

My brother lives down there and we stay with him and always have such a great time.  The weather is always very nice and we can take long walks each we all really enjoy it while we're there.  We also have a cousin that loves to do a big family fish fry when we are there and that's always fun.  The reunion is great but this year there were over 90 people not a whole lot of close visiting time to be had.  So the family fish fry is great to be able to sit one on one with cousins and sort of get caught up.

I have another trip planned for this fall.  A friend and I (the one that I went to Washington DC with in 2010) and I are going to head west this time.  We are going on a 9 day trip out to California.  We will spend 3 nights in San Francisco, take a train down to Huntington Beach for 2 nights and then take a bus down to Los Angeles for 3 nights.  I'm looking forward to this as I have never really been to California (only long enough one time to board a cruise ship).  Lots of side excursions on the agenda as well.  So that will make it a trip to remember.  So I'm saving all my nickels and dimes (and quarters) to help pay for this great trip.

That's it for the normal update.  Will post my Gas Leak story next.

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Kristina said...

Your fall trip sounds FUN! You're going to love California and you're going to be able to see both north and south...very different. I can't wait to go back to San Francisco next week, this time with Fred...with a side trip to Napa/Sonoma Valley..should be fun!