Thursday, August 14, 2008

Busy Day

I took the day off of work and my folks came up to the farm to help Russ and I with the 'honey do' list. Boy did we get a lot done. We worked in the spare bedroom and moved the extra dresser out and put my small oak desk that Dan gave me in there. Then we pulled the wing back chair out of the computer room and put the platform rocker that was in the scrapbook room in the computer room. I need more room in the scrapbook room and also the computer room. The wing back chair took up too much space. So now I have these two extra pieces of furniture that I need to get rid of. Need to take pics and post to see if anyone wants to buy either. I may keep the low dresser...just need to get in the scrapbook room and organize and then I'll see if it's something that I can use in there. But I know the wing back chair has to go. Just no room for it.

I grilled hamburgers on my new birthday grill. It's just an inexpensive little grill but it has the dual burners and the upper warming area..that's what I was looking for. We also had some WONDERFUL sweet corn.

Then back to work. We went outside to the little shed and did a clean sweep kind of thing. Took 99% of it out...pitched and cleaned up then put back my flower pots, etc. It's so much nicer now. Russ will put the snow blower, lawn mower (walk behind one) and tiller in the old garage. Now I can do some plant potting in there.

I actually then cleaned up and went to the office for a bit in the afternoon. I told my boss that I had to come to the office to get some rest. My arms ache, my back aches and my feet hurt..but it was a good feeling to get so much done today. My folks are the best helpers.

They finally got a bid and the OK to have a new garage built..the old one had a little mishap with a HOT lawn mower. So within a couple of weeks they will have a new garage! Then they can go new car shopping. Then once we get the 'stuff' put back in the new garage, that episode will be a done deal. What a learning experience and something that I hope we don't have to go through again in my lifetime.


Mary Perry said...

Judy, I can hardly wait til we have concrete, so we can start clean sweeping the garage, the basement, the two little sheds. Do your folks want to come and help?????

BTW, feel free to bring Russ over, Don loves showing it off.

Judy said...

Mary, I think by the time my folks get their new garage constructed and all their 'treasures' put in the new garage..they will be pooped.

I am going to try to get Russ over that way. Maybe Sunday when we take Shaniqua back home, we can come through Ames that way and go the back way to Boone.

Sheddin' Grma said...

Judy - Sooooo now I get the story, Mom had forgotten to tell me about your folk's garage burning down from a hot lawn mower. I was trying to put pieces from here and there together. . . first, they were cleaning the garage out, second, they had decided that the garage was unsafe and were going to tear it down and now I get the whole picture, ha. Thank goodness that other buildings and even people weren't involved. I heard that you've been a BIG help thru this. What an ordeal I'm sure. WAY TO GO!!

It's always fun to go thru someone else's "treasures" and dejunk for them. . . but heaven forbid anyone touch my stuff, ha. luv ya. your cousin