Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My boys

Here's a picture of my lazy boys relaxing on the mattress cover while I'm washing the sheets. They are so much fun to have. I'd only had one cat at a time until these two. I had Felix (the black and white one) first, then came Grayson. They really love each other and play nice--most of the time.

I would be lost if I didn't have these two boys to come home to. We also have a black lab, Garth, that toughs it out in his HUGE pen outside. His pen is probably more square footage than our house. He has a nice dog house that was built by my dad. It has double walls, so warm in the winter and it must be fairly cool in the summer, cuz I'll come home a lot of warm days to him tucked up inside. We do put swan bedding in there for him during the winter months. When we got him, we also got his brother, Will, but we had to put Will down 3 years ago on July 4. Garth adjusted well, but loves it when Russ comes home. I let him out when I mow, but he loves to hang by Russ when he's home and outside. He LOVES to be around people, but he also loves to jump up on ME...and he has wicked toenails.

Well, I just wanted to share a picture of my indoors buddies. They are my kids!


Mary Perry said...

I have never been much of a cat person. I tell people I don't want anything or anyone in my house that has more attitude than me. Chester minds well, and Don does most days, lol.

Very cute boys you got there.

BTW, sorry we missed you and Russ on Sunday, we love showing it off, including the inside.

Cheri said...

They look very content:) I really like Felix for a cat name!

sweetpea324 said...

Hey hey Judy look at you blogging! yeah! Good job on your decluttering/clean sweeping. It is such a good feeling. Jamie and I, along with kids, can really get so much done if we try. I really thought after seeing your cat named Felix that your other cat would be Oscar. Maybe you need a third one :)

Sheddin' Grma said...

Judy - I have the 3rd cat that you can take home, ha. Mr. Sam - the man with true ATTITUDE, I fear that he got stuck in the "teen years" let me tell ya. As mellow as Tara's Smokey was, Sam is the opposite. We've always said though, we think his problems stem from the trauma of being called "Ann" for the first few months of his life and then discovering at the vet's office, when it came to his "being fixed" appointment, that no. . . Ann was not Ann. . . but because he came to the name Ann, we had to find something that ryhmned, thus Ann became Sam, ha. And guess who got the "sex" talk at the vet??? Yep, yours truly. Ken still owes me for that one, ha.

Janet said...

They are so sweet! What is it about cats and sheets? Mine love to help make the bed. :-)

I just told someone over the weekend that having 1 cat is fun, but 2 is a completely different ballgame! :-) It's great (most of the time) watching them interact. They do keep each other company.