Thursday, March 19, 2009

NASCAR in Las Vegas

Here are a couple of pictures from the track in Vegas. The one with the race car was actually taken on Friday during Sprint Cup Qualifying. The other one was on Friday night at the Speed stage while they were doing their live show. That was a long day but the weather was nice and we had a great time. Got out there early afternoon and watched the qualifying, then shopped the driver's trailers and then headed over to the Speed Stage for the show. It was wierd seeing these guys live and not on TV. We had to keep working our way up but we ended up not too far from the front of the stage. We were on the TV show. I TiVo'd it at home and can see us really well. Deb and I both had lime green jackets on so that helped to find us easliy in the crowd.
The race was on Sunday and it was a sunny day. We all got a bit sunburnt but nothing that a little lotion didn't soothe. We used headphones during the race so we could here some of the drivers or listen to MRN radio. We bounced back and forth. Heard a few f bombs on the driver's channels...OOPS. Our seats were between turn 3 and turn 4...could have been better but we still had a great time. Lots of walking for sure but again the weather was great so we didn't mind the walking. Just took our time.


Kristina said...

Judy - When my Mom was alive, she purchased "season" tickets before that track was opened and she went every Feb/March until she got sick. It gave her an opportunity to go see my sister (who lived there at the time) and then see the race. She would also go out to the California Speedway.

Sounds like you had fun (except for the face issue).

Cheri said...

What a good time! I bet there weren't as many f-bombs there as the Nickelback concert, lol...and that was by the lead singer's own admission!