Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Neon we come

We leave for our Las Vegas vacation tomorrow. Another couple that went out with us when we got married is going with us again this time. We are going to the NASCAR race on Sunday. We are also going to go out on Friday evening and try to be at the Speed TV stage when they record the Trackside show that night.

We are really excited and looking forward to this winter get away with friends. Now if the weather will just hold out until we can get off the ground and out of Iowa, we'll be happy travelers. We don't fly out until about anticipate what/if any precipitation we get will be in the form of rain.

I've offered to take money from friends with us to double for them..but have not had any takers on that yet!! We're not big gamblers, so lots of fun sightseeing adventures in the plans for us. The resort where we're staying, Grandview Las Vegas, is south of the strip a few miles, but we have a rental car and Russ did great driving last time we were out there, so don't expect any problems this time either.

We have a neighbor doing pet duty and keeping an eye on the place. I always miss my boys when I'm gone, but they will be fine.

Hope to get lots of great pics while out will try to post a few upon my return.

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Kristina said...

Have a fun and safe trip, Judy! Can't wait to hear all about it.