Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun Weekend Ahead

This is our annual scrapbook retreat weekend in Des Moines, IA. There are usually 15-20 of us ladies that get together and scrapbook the whole weekend. During that time though there are games, challenges and lots of goodies to nibble on. And oh so much laughter. Someone always comes up with a real goodie. I think last year it was Jenni and her Captain Jack (or some other captain) imitation..with the BIG mustache and stance to go with it. Too funny. I think there may have been liquor involved in that event. Some times things get a bit crazy late on Saturday night.

I am so looking forward to this weekend with the girls. It's always a lot of fun not to mention I usually get a lot accomplished as well. Right now I'm working on my Hawaii pictures from last February. We went to HI right after the retreat. I'm hoping to get those finished up and get them in order so I can put them in the album soon.

Our theme this year is Pirates. I see some eye patches being put to work over the weekend. Hope no one has to walk the plank.

May have some pictures to share next week. It is also supposed to be nice this weekend, so that will be nice as well. Can maybe get up and walk outside for a bit if need be.


Kristina said...

See ya there, Judy! Looking forward to it.

Cheri said...

It was a blast, and like others have commented, cannot WAIT til next year:)

Joellyn said...

Yes, it was a gas, although I don't think I was as productive as you. I forgot that this past Saturday was your anniversary. Happy Anniversary, too.