Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scrapbook weekend fun

There ended up being 16 of us at the crop in Des Moines for our Night O.W.L.S. retreat weekend. Lots of laughs. Lori's birthday was Sunday, so we did a surprise birthday cake for her on Saturday night. Some of us went across the way to eat supper and those that stayed behind (as a favor to me) then got the cake out and 'splashed' her area with confetti. Lori was really surprised. I'm glad that she was. It was hard to keep the secret because I talk to Lori pretty much every day and had to stop myself a couple of times to not say anything about the cool cake that she was getting. The cake turned out fantastic. The cake was done by a gal that has a cake business in RR Perry and is my cousin and a friend to a couple of the scrapbook gals. She really did a great job with the scrapbook theme....but more so because it was YUMMY!

We had lots of challenges throughout the weekend and many gals got lots done. Some friends of mine have loaned me their Twilight series books...and I took book 2 with I cheated a bit and spent some time in the room reading off and on. Great series so far. I'm now on book 3 and can hardly wait to finish that so I can get to book 4 and see how it ends.

Anyway, the weekend was a lot of fun as usual. It's something that I look forward to every year. Several of us kind of work on this throughout the year coming up with themes, prizes, challenges, games and things for the goodie bags.

It's really interesting to see what everyone is working on. We had one gal working on decorating a clock face. Some worked on cards and mini albums. It's the kind of a weekend where you just bring what you want to work rules..just have fun.

Now I get to look forward to going to Las Vegas next week to the NASCAR race on March 1. I'll be sure to post pics of that. I can hardly wait.


Lori said...

gosh, I am really a sloppy scrapbooker!!! But I am glad they found a place to put the cake. It was YUMMY!

Joellyn said...

YES, it was! Great picture, Judy! It was fun to relive the week end through your journaling, Judy. Have the best of time in LV, and I'm sure if it turns cold at the end of the week again, you'll be even more delighted to be there!