Friday, May 1, 2009

Back from our trip

We had a really good time on our trip to Louisiana. We left on Tuesday, April 21 around 1. We made it to Carthage MO before we decided to stop for the night. My dad doesn't like us to drive after dark, so we stopped well before then. Grabbed a quick bite to eat and then to the hotel room.

The Econo Lodge where we stayed had a great breakfast bar for us to indulge in before we left on Wednesday morning. We were on the road by 7. Made it down to Dan's at 2:30. It was 91 degrees there!! When we stopped for a bite of lunch I asked to use their restroom so I could take my sweatpants off and put shorts on! I was hot...but it felt good to have warm sunshine on us.

Dan lives right on Lake D'Arbonne in Farmerville LA. He has such a nice little place. He has done a lot to fix it up. He says it was kind of a dump when he first bought it, but has really done a great job of fixing it up. He had lots of help from Ramona with this project as well.

Dan, Dad and I took a boat ride one morning before the winds picked up and put white caps on the water. We also took lots of car rides with Dan being the escort. He took us to Farmerville, Downsville and Monroe to see the 'sights'. Dad grew up down there, but things have changed so much, he didn't remember much.

We went to the Albritton Reunion on Saturday. There were about 60 there. Dad had 12 other brothers and sisters. Two of those died as infants. There are 6 still livng. Five of those were at the reunion. The one that didn't come lives in Florida and is going to Louisiana for her class reunion later this summer, and didn't want to make the trip twice.

Lots and Lots and Lots of cousins there. I never did know very many of them. We used to go down to Louisiana every other year for Christmas but we decided on the way home that we must have stopped doing that in early jr high days because we don't remember some of the kids as they were growing up. The ones we remember most are the ones that are closer to our age. There was SO much food at this reunion. Someone even brought gator. I kept to things I knew, like fried chicken and ham balls that Mom took.

We left on Monday morning to head home via Smithville MO where Christy, my god daughter lives. I wanted to see Trevor and baby Addison. We got there around 5:30 and met up with them for a Chinese supper at 6. Addison has her fussy spells each evening..and we were witness to it. I dropped Mom and Dad off at the hotel and then I went over to Christy's for a bit. Then back to the hotel. Wanted to get an early start to get HOME.

Up and on the road on Tuesday by shortly after 7. So got folks home around 11 and then I got home around 12:30. We really had a great time. I hope we can do it again before dad gets the point where he won't travel.


Kristina said...

Glad your home safe and sound! I'm glad to be home also.

Joellyn said...

It sounds like you had a really good trip, Judy. So much quality family time. I'm sure your parents were so delighted that all of you were able to go!