Monday, May 11, 2009

Just a quick update

Not much to report. Russ surprised me by being home this past weekend. I had gone to Perry on Friday night to go to the dance recital and stayed at the folks' house. Then on Saturday I met up with some friends in Madrid to do the city wide garage sales. Found a few things I couldn't live without! When I got close to home I could see a big red truck (semi) in the driveway and Russ was out on my rider mowing. He had already finished up his part and was doing my part, bless his heart. He had actually gotten home on Friday afternoon, but knew that I was busy so didn't bug me. He just got busy doing lots of stuff around the farm.

I had stopped by Earl May on my way home to get him some tomato plants and hopefully get me a sensation lilac. Well, got the tomatoes but they didn't have a sensation lilac that wasn't $50, so decided to go without for now.

Russ and I worked in the garden and got the pole beans, tomatoes and onions planted. Preened really well around them hoping to help cut down on weeds. We also planted them in a way that he can get the tiller down the rows easily also.

He also helped me in the front flower bed. It hadn't had a lot done to it once I saw that HUGE snake last year out by that flower bed. The snake took a trip, but you just never know who else might be hanging around! So I wanted Russ' help in case 'the big one' showed up. We got the flower bed under control without mishap. I forgot how nice it can look. I still need to get out there and do a little more to it. I have an old bathtub (not clawfoot) in that flower bed. I think I'm just going to plaster it with marigold seed tonight and see how that goes. Once I get the rest of the bed under control, I can also preen it to help with the weeds. I also have a a white lace plant that got winter killed a couple of winters ago that I need to get out of there. I think I may try to put a clematis in its place. I just love clematis plants.

We met my folks in Boone at Godfathers for pizza buffet on Mother's Day. It was nice that Russ was home for this as well. Mother's got to eat for $ I was a mother yesterday. I didn't feel well, so didn't even eat the $1.99 worth.

I have cut wayyyy back on my caffeine and I think that's the cause of my headaches. That and the fact that I snore and grind my teeth at night. I bought a mouth guard that I have worn off and on, but I think that actually makes my jaw not aligned so that gives me pains in the morning too. I tell you what, getting old really sucks.

Last year I had several goldfinch hanging around our feeder and when it got cold we had another kind of bird hanging out, so I bought song bird food and used that all winter and we had birds at our feeder throughout the whole winter. Now this spring we have enjoyed 3 different kinds of woodpeckers, 2 male goldfinch, 1 female goldfinch, a male and female cardinal and some chipping sparrows. There is one more breed but I can't think of the name right now. The female cardinal has a nest in our forsythia bush right under my bedroom window and it has 3 eggs in it. I'm anxious for the little ones to hatch and hope that they live and hang around as well.

I have really enjoyed the feeder. Just have to keep up on the water in the bird bath, because I noticed when I don't keep it full for them, they tend to leave for a day or two and I don't want them to find a better place to hang out. Now I'm just anxious to see if we get any orioles this year. We had a few last hope we have a few this year. They are so striking in color. I guess it doesn't take much to entertain me, does it?

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Kristina said...

Your gardens sound great, Judy! You must take photos. I like bird watching too, but with four cats, it drives them nuts when they get too close to the house and I got tired of cleaning up the mess that the bird seed makes. I think if we had a larger yard, I'd put the feeders back out.