Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun weekend ahead

I'm heading to Smithville MO when I get off work at 3 on Friday. I am going down to see my God Daughter and her family. Christy has one son, Trevor, who will be 4 in December and I love spending time around him. He's at just a fun age. He loves his Pappa Russ but I don't know if Russ will make it home in time to go down there. Christy is also pregnant with baby number two who we are told is going to be a girl. I have done tons of 'thrift' shopping and clearance shopping and have that baby girl enough clothes to get her by her first year for sure. I also picked up some bargains for Trevor.

So I'm anxious to get to Christy's with all my goodies. I also picked her up some maternity pants and a top while in Quincy doing some shopping. Saturday we are going into KC so Christy and her friend can get their haircuts. Trevor will be along with us as well, so he and I can hang out while they are getting haircuts. Then we usually go shopping and out to eat and make a day of it.

I need to work on my Christmas list and see what I have left to buy. I have a good start though. I am hoping that it's a nice sunny day for our outing. If Russ should make it home, he can sleep in and watch TV at Christy's while we're shopping. Christy's husband Travis runs a golf course and they are having a tournament this weekend, so he won't be around much.
That's about it for now. Hope everyone is having a great fall...where ever you are.



Kristina said...

Have a good time Judy! and drive safe. It was good to see you last weekend.

Cheri said...

Have a fun and fabulous trip!

Mary Perry said...

Dang, is he a doll or what?