Monday, October 20, 2008

Time with Trevor

I can't believe that I went down there and came home and DID NOT TAKE ANY PICTURES! Christy is about 6 months pregnant and I meant to take some PG pictures of her. I also wanted to get some updated pix of Trevor. But I came home without taking my camera out of my bag. Shame on me!!

I had a great time visiting though. Friday night we were visiting and TV was on. All of a sudden Trevor perks up and jumps up and down and says "John McCain, John McCain". I laugh my butt off. Then Christy says "Ask him who is going to be president". So I do that and he says "Barack Obama, Barack Obama". Too funny. Christy says that they don't ever talk politics at home so she's not sure where he got that..but he definitely knows them when they show up on commercials.

Saturday Trevor went to his Grandparents with his dad, Travis. Christy, her friend Patty and I headed to Kansas City so the girls could get their hair cuts. After that we ate lunch at Granite City and did some shopping. We left Christy's at 8:30am and didn't get back to Christy's until about 6pm. I loaded up and headed home to spend a little time with Russ before he headed back out on Sunday.

Such a pretty weekend though. I could use several more days of sunshine like we've had recently. I'm not ready for the snow to fly.


Kristina said...

Sounds like a fun weekend, Judy! Did you do any scrapbook shopping or just regular shopping?

Judy said...

Just did regular shopping. Christy is looking for more maternity clothes. She needs a petite maternity pant though and NO where had them. She says she'll have to break down and buy them online.

I don't think we even went by a scrapbook store.

Mary Perry said...

Can't believe no pictures, that sounds just like me.

Cheri said...

For shame with the camera!;)
I've done the same thing before, and then spend awhile kicking myself for doing it. Glad you had a good weekend!