Friday, July 31, 2009

It's a girl...Bella is her name

We got us a new 1 year old papered black lab for FREE yesterday. Someone took her to some of Russ' friends for them to give to a good home and we are the lucky ones to get her. She turned one in May. Her name is Isabella Black. She is papered/registered, but we will be getting her spayed. We still have Garth and he will be 11 in September, so there is a 10 year age difference. So far Garth has been OK with her, but she did get on his back yesterday and with his arthritic hips, it must have hurt and he yipped at her. So far she is being kept separately out of the pen. Russ is going to divide the football size pen into two until after we get her fixed. Then we'll see how they do being in there together. She is a pretty good dog. She knows some commands but doesn't 'hold' them for very long. I may have to have the gal that 'gave' her to us help me a bit. She trains lots of dogs, so I'm sure she can give me some pointers. I want Bella to have better manners than Garth. She's a girl you know, so she needs to act like a lady.
Well, I just wanted to share our new addition with you. I'll try to get a closer picture of her to post. She has the cutest little tilt of her head. You can kind of see it in this picture.


Kristina said...

She's a cutie! My brother had a black lab for 11 years named Daisy. I wish he would get another one. She's been gone for about 8 years and it's time, but he doesn't want to do it all over again.

Cheri said...

She's CUTE! LOL to your comments about her needing to act like a lady:) Hope she's easy to train and goes easy on Garth with his hips. Our friends sometimes bring their dog(s) with them to play with Daisy, and she'll humor them for awhile and chase around, but boy does she let them know when she's had enough!!