Sunday, July 19, 2009

Made Lemonade..

Well, the old air conditioner was installed on Friday and it WORKS. It was SOOO much cheaper to use this one..rather than have a new one installed. My folks came up on Friday afternoon and they stayed Friday night and into Saturday to help me get TONS of stuff pulled out for a garage sale next weekend. We have a 6 x 12 foot trailer that is practically full right now. We really got a lot accomplished. I don't use my desk top computer any more, so I cleared that desk off and am getting rid of that. So then I could rearrange the 'computer' room. It looks so much nicer now that it's not as crowded.

I hope the garage sale is a success. My goal is to make $100. Anything over that is a big bonus. We have a recliner to sell, computer desk, lots of baby clothes, snow blower and a lot of miscellaneous. So here's to a profitable garage sale.

The weather has been so nice that even though the AC if fixed I haven't needed it. With highs in the 70's...who would think that this is mid July. Let's hope that this great weather streak holds off until the garage sale is over next weekend.

Well, wanted to post a postive post for a change. Hope everyone has a good upcoming week. Will be kind of busy for me. Going to try to get the trailer pulled over to Boone on Tuesday evening, going to Indiana with Russ on Wednesday and then hope to leave work a bit early on Thursday and have Friday off for Garage Sale day...


Kristina said...

Good Luck on your garage sale! and have safe travels.

Cheri said...

I hope you're rolling in your garage sale money by now! :)