Thursday, July 16, 2009

More LEMONS!!!

Well, if it's not one's another. Our A/C went out on Monday evening. Had a tech guy come out and tell me that our compressor is shot. So now need to buy a new unit. We actually had the old one from the old house that we tore down when we put our house in. That unit was only 5 years old when we had it removed. I'm glad that we had someone who knew what they were doing pull it out..cuz think we may actually be able to use it to replace the crapped out one. That would be a switch...good luck!! What's that?

I'm trying to get things pulled out for a garage sale on July 24 and 25 at a friend's house in Boone. My folks were going to come up earlier this week and spend a couple days with me getting things pulled and loaded in the trailer..but with no air...we postponed until this coming Friday and Saturday when it's supposed to only be in the 70's.

Life has sure thrown lots of curve balls at me lately. I'm ready for life to get easier...any day now.

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Janet said...

That's a bummer about the AC. Seems like it's always something...joys of home ownership! lol At least we're enjoying some cooler weather here this week. We were in Texas over the weekend and it was 105 degrees there every day, and 99 degrees at 10 pm! Felt good to come back to this lovely weather.
Hope things start going better for you soon, Judy!