Thursday, September 25, 2008

Folks' fire update

Well, things have finally started looking up for my folks since their garage fire. Russ and I went down last night to get our trailer that they had been using for storage while the garage was being torn down and rebuilt. The garage is up and they finally got the garage door opener installed just this week. So just some last minute rearranging for the folks to do to get it all done. Then we have to finalize the spreadsheet of all that was lost and replaced and lost and not being replaced. Then it will be a DONE DEAL. I know my mom is ready for it to be over with. It has been real stressful on her to take all the responsibility on herself. Dad has been busy getting things put back but he has his way and only his way of doing you might as well leave him be and just let him do his thing. But all in all it's just about all done.

Just wanted to post an update since so many of you knew about the fire earlier this summer. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers during this process.


Sheddin' Grma said...

Am so happy that this ordeal is about to be pulled to a close for your folks. How did their camper fare down in Texas thru the storm? The challenges of this life, it's just how you handle them that counts.

Cheri said...

Thank goodness their ordeal is almost over. *hugs*

Kristina said...

Good to hear that things are getting back to normal for your folks.