Monday, September 29, 2008

Update from Quincy, IL

We made it to Quincy by supper time on Saturday evening. We got a later start than I had anticipated...but we really were not on any time table, so no big deal on when we left or when we arrived in Quincy. The hotel where we are staying is really old..but clean. We are in a wierd sort of room. Our room is in the core of the building, so we don't have a window that faces outside..the window that we do have has frosted glass..but does not face the outside. So if you don't have lights on, it's pitch black in here. But it's fine for why we're here and the price was right for the one night we had to pay. Sharkey is paying for the rest of the nights.

Russ had a wake up call at 5 and headed down to get his ride out to the training center at 6ish. I rolled over and went back to sleep for a bit.

Around 10 I started working on the scrapbook stuff that I had brought with me. I finished that project around 12:30 and then headed out for an adventure and some lunch.

I went to a couple of strip malls, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby and Ben Franklin's Crafts. Didn't buy a lot but felt good to be up and moving around. It's kind of sprinkly, rainy out.

Back to the hotel around 3. Not sure when Russ will get back. I asked him to call me on his lunch break..but he must have forgotten or got busy cuz he didn't call. So I have not idea what time to expect him.

Not sure what we'll do this evening. Will depend on how brain fried he is.

This is an interesting older river town. I hope to get out and go to some museums maybe tomorrow. Since I got my scrapbook project done, I'll need something to do.

Well, that's it for today.


Cheri said...

Awesome that you got your SB project done, but for shame that you didn't bring more;) (Isn't that always the case, we bring either WAY too much or not enough, lol?)
Hope Russ got back at a decent time and wasn't too brain fried to have some fun with you. did you find some yummy food?

We've stayed in a hotel with an old room like that too...I thought it kinda creepy and claustrophobic. Was down in Dallas, TX, for sis-in-law's college graduation.

Kristina said...

Glad to hear that you made it to Quincy. Funny story...years ago on a trip back to Iowa returning from Georgia, I took a wrong exit out of St. Louis and ended up in Quincy..we were heading to Des Moines. Fred still hasn't let me live that down. The ONE time in my life I got lost....LOL