Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend of work

Russ got home last Wednesday afternoon..but then it rained and rained and he was not able to get out and get his mowing done. We finally got out and trimmed up the forsythia bushes that had grown about 4 feet during the summer. When they start to brush up against the house/screens and wake me up...then we know it's time to trim.

I was also hearing strange noises on the roof of the sunroom. Well, that meant a ladder and chain saw. Russ did a GREAT job of trimming that area above the sunroom and we shouldn't be bothered with those limbs for a couple of years.

I dug up my potatoes also. Decided to see what I had grown. I will post a picture of the bounty soon. We ate them last night with our cheesey chicken dish. We hope to enlarge the garden a wee bit for next year. Especially if Russ will be around more to help me with it. We have not had good luck with our pole beans the past couple of years. We need to figure that out cuz I miss not having fresh green beans during the summer. The years they've come on good, we had so enjoyed them. The tomoatoes didn't do very well either. I picked a small handful of these as well and ran through the blender with some onion and garlic and tossed in the freezer to use in spaghetti sauce this winter.

Well, this is Russ' last week with Poly Trucking. Next week we will head over to Quincy, IL for his orientation. I plan on taking my laptop with hopefully I can post some good news from there.


Mary Perry said...

It was so nice to see you at Karla's. Talked with Dick DeMoss, from DeMoss' Pumpkin Farm, the other night and he said this was one of the worse years for tomatoes. Too much rain early on, and them too little, later on.

Kristina said...

I wanna see your vegies! I must have done something right, because I had tomatoes coming out my ears. I made salsa twice, I've blanched and froze 4 quarts and eaten them fresh whenever I want. My zucchini didn't do very well, I probably only got 3-4 from the plant and my cucumbers did okay. I tried onions this year, but they never did get very big.