Thursday, September 11, 2008

New opportunites for Russ

Well, my husband finally got fed up with his current employer and found himself a new trucking company to work for. The old company is Poly American out of Grand Prairie, TX. The new company is Sharkey Transportation out of Quincy, IL. He will go to Quincy on 9/22/08 for orientation. I'm thinking that we'll go over on Saturday and bum around and then I'll stay until Monday or Tuesday with him. I'll need to bring the car back home as he will be assigned a truck and will more than likely be on a 'run' when his orientation is completed.

I'm looking forward to a nice weekend away. There may be some fall colors to see by then. It's only a little over a week away, but the trees around here are already starting to turn a wee bit. It looks like Quincy is right on the river, so that may be neat to see as well.

We'll be without insurance for 3 months..but we've gone longer, so not too worried about that. When he does get insurance it will be paid for by him employer and will cover Russ and myself. Right now we are paying over $300/month. The new insurance company will be Blue Cross Blue that will be a BIG improvement over what he has now.

So just keep Russ in your thoughts in the weeks to come that he settles in with this new company and his stress levels can go way down. He will be home every week so that alone will be an adjustment. He said last night that it had been 24 days since he was home last. His tushy was a wee bit sore. Hopefully, this will help his tush to not get so sore he'll have a couple days of easy chair a week now.


Kristina said...

This sounds like a really good thing for both of you!

Sheddin' Grma said...

Jude - Wow, good things are able to come out of bad things, hugh? Am happy for both you and Russ. More time together, less stress, better medical coverage. . . life looks good. Love Ya, Your cuz

Joellyn said...

I'm glad that you weren't dealing with Russ in the midst of H. Ike this past week! One was bad enough! Good luck to both of you as he starts his new job!